Guys, this cult-classic just went digital.

After two decades, 5 books, and years of epic 'true living' and teaching throughout the world, Sabrina has created a whole new online experience. You are invited. WATCH the trailer below!


"Sabrina teaches just as she creates art - from a place of utter authenticity, vulnerability, and strength. In most traditional classes, teachers are trying to communicate a technique from the outside and hoping their students can take that information and master specific tools or skills. Sabrina teaches from the inside out in a way that allows each artist/student to embody her teachings - to soak in the elements of them - that then evoke and can be expressed from within via each person’s unique creative process.""

" "I feel like my creative support system grew another solid ring around it, like the rings within a tree. Whenever I begin to feel alone in the creative process now, I can think of these other women and know we are all deeply connected and never truly alone. That sense of community, even though we live and work far from one another geographically, is spiritually and emotionally sustaining.""

Ryan Gallo~2018

Magic, coming right up!

Four valuable weeks of workshopped creative training..

Beautifully shot videos delivered at the beginning of each week.

Weekly 60 minute live video sessions with Sabrina

Sundays at 2pm Central Time 

If you are ready to up level your creativity to high vibe status, Sabrina will show you how! In this course you'll learn all of her primary strategies for mess making. This process will reveal your hidden powers, as you align with your deeper core. This course will give you permission to explore new depths, find your joy, and soar to brighter heights using your own intuitive superpowers..

You don't want to miss this.

Week 1: Here I Am In My Life

(Spilling Open)

~ Reconnecting with your creative self ~

The Myth of ‘Having It All Together’   
Permission in the Falling Apart Times
Ease and Freedom On the Page
The Palette of Our Life
Spilling Open


Week 2: Inventing Your Way Through

(Brave On The Rocks)

~ Pillars for living a creative life ~

Hippy Christmas
The Art of the Find
Treasure Hunt
Roll Out / It Just Takes Three
Brave On The Rocks

Week 3: How To Keep Creating For You

(Messy Thrilling Life)

~ Liberation and Expression ~

The Creative Space
A Brief Chat About Technology
Different Ways of Doing It
Become your colors
Messy Thrilling Life

Week 4: Untether

(The True and the Questions)

~ Inventing Our Way Though ~

Trust the mess
Collaging With Your Colors
Belong to yourself
The sweet, raw, here it is.
The True and the Questions


You'll have access to our members only group. This will be a place to gather in the conversation and share together. You'll find like-minded support in our ever-growing creative,True Living Tribe.

Sabrina will be guiding our group live with weekly Zoom video sessions~ where she will answer questions about the material...and open up even more about her own life and the hardest stuff she has navigated and learned these past 10 years. 

We will untether.

We will be a tribe. 

*introvert friendly*

Fall Course FULL

Opening Summer 2019



Frequently Asked Questions

You will have access for 6 months, So you can soak it all in and be inspired at your own pace. 

There are 4 full Modules ..5 short films per week, with  creative prompts and calls to actions that you can explore.  This is NOT ASSIGNMENT/ HOMEWORK HEAVY! IT is self paced, in the sense that you can take in all the talks and imagery, be inspired by the creative prompts...and create with the content for the whole six months. 

I will be sharing MY PROCESS, and together we will explore working big and loose. We will look closely. We will examine color and find your palette. We will use writing prompts to unlock memory and find our language and color through our own voice. We will create new books from old books. These will be moments of self expression in their truest form.  p.s. and we will throw rocks.

I work with very affordable simple supplies that you can get anywhere..materials..that's kinda my thing...more on that in the course ;) (We can't take our supplies too seriously..or we tighten up and don't MAKE!) We will also be FINDING MATERIALS ~Total cost of supplies should be be no more that $40 bucks.

If you feel it isn't right for you, we are happy to refund you. You can request a refund up to 5 business days after the course begins.

All Live recordings will be available the next day, and available for the whole 6 months.  Questions can be posted ahead of time in the Facebook group. 

"The big question is whether you are going to be able to say a hearty yes to your adventure." ~ Joseph Campbell

Course begins October 6th!

"Having such connection through Sabrina’s books for so many years, “growing up” with her, and finally being in her presence was like meeting an old friend, someone who’d I had already cried with, seeked comfort in tough times, someone who without maybe being aware gave me permission long before I did. So as a teacher, guide, she did an amazing job to do exactly what she set out to do, to inspire us, while connecting on a deeper level and helping me make what I most needed to find; trusting our own individual process.  "

Bianca Di Paolo~2018
Montessori Teacher

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